• MD Juan Enterprises, Inc. is an all-Filipino Corporation.
  • Incorporated and Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission on March 20, 1967 with Certificate of Registration No. 31894.
  • Organized to manufacture: jeeps, jeep body tubs & kits, jeep chassis, body parts, automotive accessories, components and spare parts and machineries.
  • Products are manufactured from: black iron sheets & pipes, mild steel plates, carbon steel, stainless steel, tubings and shaftings.
  • MD Juan Enterprises is the pioneer in machine-pressed metal parts for both military and civilian jeeps in the Philippines.
  • It ultimately evolved into a business conglomerate engaged in the fabrication and exporting of metal works, stamped metal parts, automotive accessories, parts and assemblies. military products and security products.
  • More than 90% of its products are exported mainly to the U.S.A., Europe, Canada and Australia/New Zealand.


  • March 1967: Dr. Maximino D. Juan conceived MD Juan Enterprises, answer the growing need for a rugged, light vehicle (the multi-purpose jeep) in the Philippines.
  • Initially, Dr. Juan imported World War II surplus jeeps from Europe and Japan.
  • With the steady growth of the surplus market, MD Juan Enterprises started fabricating replacement jeep body parts not available locally
  • Soon, Filipino jeep enthusiasts either refurbished their old jeeps using MD Juan bodies (popularly known as the Jeepstar) or built new jeeps using MD Juans USM chassis, the Jeepstar body and surplus engines and power trains from Japan
  • August 1969: MD Juan built its manufacturing plant in Novaliches, CaloocanCity.
  • 1970: MD Juan ventured into the export markets of Japan, Australia/New Zealand and the U.S.A.
  • Export concentration was on jeep bodies and parts identified with World War II: the MB and the Korean War: the M38.
  • Soon after, the civilian jeep models like the CJ series were being produced in the production line
  • 1980: MD Juan exhibited its products in various foreign expositions like the Lausanne Trade Fair, the Melbourne Trade Fair and the Singapore Trade Fair
  • These led to the establishment of distributorships in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.
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