Vintage WW2 Jeep gets an electric twin

MD Juan Enterprises, the pioneer in replacement jeep bodies and PhUV Inc., the pioneer in electric vehicle in the Philippines, successfully fuse the old and the new in the new and exciting electric Willys MB jeep.

Manila, August 17, 2011 — The vintage World War 2 military jeep is not going to get a facelift. Instead, it gets electrified and will get a twin, an electrically-powered sibling. The twin of the Willys MB jeep will be powered by a 4-kilowatt, 48-volt electric motor deriving all its energy from eight units 6-volt batteries. When charged overnight for about eight hours, it can be used the next day for from 50 kms. up to 100 kms., depending on the road terrain and the number of passengers.

MD Juan Enterprises, the premier manufacturer of replacement Jeep bodies and parts in the country and in the world, collaborated with PhUV Inc., the pioneer in electric vehicle assembly in the country to develop the electric Willys MB jeep.

Rommel Juan, VP for Sales and Marketing of MD Juan, explains that the Willys MB jeep is what is more popularly known in the Philippines as the MacArthur jeep. a�?Filipinos refer to it as the granddaddy of all jeeps and is considered as the forerunner of the current AUVs and SUVs. Enterprising Filipinos have converted the Willys MB into a rear-entry, center-facing passenger jeep then known as the auto calesa. When the size and the capacity of the auto calesa increased, it evolved into what we now know as the public utility jeepney or the PUJ. This is now the backbone of the Philippine mass transport systema�?, he adds.

The electric jeepney or eJeepney on the other hand was introduced into the country in 2007 by the Institute of Climate and Sustainable Cities (iCSC), an NGO whose advocacy was environmental protection. Juan says the iCSC initially imported the eJeepney CBU from China. a�?However, they realized that the jeepney is a Pinoy icon and therefore is better produced by Filipinos for Filipinos. That was why they commissioned PhUV Inc. to develop and locally assemble the eJeepney. PhUV Inc. then asked MD Juan to build the bodya�?, Juan continues.

Today, eJeepneys ply three loops in the Makati Green Route initiated by then Makati City Mayor and now Vice President Jejomar Binay. a�?It is the very first mass transport application of electric vehicles in the country. It gave the infant EV industry a shot in the arm and the experience in various aspects of after-sales servicea�? says Juan.

MD Juan and PhUV Inc. have now successfully married the old and the new in an electric Willys MB jeep. This electric Willys MB will be showcased at the forthcoming Philippine Die and Mould Association exhibit at the World Trade Center from August 17 to 20, 2011. The body of the electric Willys MB was made using locally-made dies and moulds and manufactured in MD Juana��s stamping plant.

Juan said that the electric Willys MB is a perfect example of a vehicle that is truly green. a�?It is literally green as its body color is olive drab. It is figuratively green as it is environment-friendly: no engine, no exhaust pipes, no gas tank, no smoke, no harmful exhaust fumes, no noise. How much more green can you get?a�? asked Juan.

Juan concludes that some 3,140 grams of CO2 and 16 grams of NOx per liter of diesel are dumped into the air by smoke-belching, carbon-emitting vehicles. a�?There is a need therefore to introduce eco-friendly, clean and green mode of transport. The EV is the answer. MD Juan recognizes this and has thus taken the initiative to develop and locally assemble its own version of the green vehicle, the electric Willys MBa�?.

Contact Information:

Rommel T. Juan

General Manager

2 Susano Road, Deparo, Novaliches

Caloocan City, Philippines

Mobile: 09228174869



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